Thursday, 14 July 2022


THE Chivhu woman, who allegedly slit her four children’s throats with a kitchen knife, was pregnant when she committed the heinous act.

She now has a child, who is one-year-four-months old.

Emilda Marazani is now claiming she has mental challenges and was yesterday remanded in custody, awaiting examination by two experts, and is expected back in court on July 27.

Her lawyer applied for the re-examination of her mental state, in terms of Section 28 of the Mental Health Act, claiming previous reports were done hurriedly.

Two psychiatrists. Joana Shayanowako and Dr Mhaka, along with a nurse, Alice Kanyemba, separately examined Marazani and concluded that she was not mentally ill.

The lawyer claimed that after she personally interviewed Marazani, she observed a change in behaviour.

“I had the privilege to interview my client on separate occasions and observed changes in her state and demeanour, which was not present in each of the earlier meetings.

“I also interviewed her mother, Maria Mupini, and aunt, who both outlined that she had flashes of a mental disorder, which strikes her from time-to-time and she got it from her father,” said the lawyer.

The lawyer also claimed it was wrong of the two doctors, and nurse, to conclude that Marazani was of a stable mind, without interviewing her relatives.

“The expert evidence before the court leaves a lot to be desired, nothing shows that when she committed the offence she was in her right state of mind,” added the lawyer.

The State was opposed to the application claiming it had complied with the Mental Health Act.

“If the defence Counsel is doubting the evidence, then it must be proved during trial that Marazani is, or isn’t, of a proper state.

“The request is only meant to delay justice,” said the prosecutor.

After hearing both counsels, Justice Priscilla Munangati-Manongwa granted the application to have Marazani further examined.

“The court cannot conduct any trial when the accused is suspected to have mental issues.

“It’s important that an expert gives the court a full discovery of the accused’s state of mind so that it can arrive at a proper ending.

“Marazani is remanded in custody to July 27 and will be examined by two doctors,” ruled the judge. H Metro


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