Saturday, 23 July 2022


No one can save Kasukuwere, however many he mobilises to serve him.

He is a complete goner, as far as Zimbabwe’s politics are concerned.

Even the act of enlisting Tsenengamu and Jim Kunaka as emissaries for his second fall, showed absolute lack of political common sense, congenital, induced and both.

Anyway, those of us who watched the man from near, find little surprises. Feeble in mind, he is driven by a superstitious belief in himself as anointed by the long dead. And to imagine a youngster who was a boy of a milky nose-bridge, launches himself as touchstone of original Zanu-PF, against elders of the Party, just makes himself a figure for comic laughter and relief. Alongside his Kunaka and Tsenengamu, both of whom were mere toddlers as Zanu-PF romped to power in 1980.

For Tsenengamu and Kunaka, it gets worse: both were chased out of Zanu-PF towards the dying days of the First Republic, chased at the instance of people who included Kasukuwere, the man they now proclaim to us as Zimbabwe’s saviour!

But wait a minute, Jim and Tsenengamu are no fools!

They told us Kasukuwere is being brought back by “Mashonaland Central Province”!

Upon realising this as fatal, to the extent it makes Kasukuwere nothing more than a regional figure at best, a place-politician at worst, they then sought to invent width to their claim, assuming it was ever wider than the three musketeers!

You can’t wish for more amateurish politics.

Both Kunaka and Tsenengamu have a history of working with Chamisa and his Triple C.

Alongside their new master, Kasukuwere, both hailed Chamisa for promising to welcome home all those in self-exile, a message which the duo repeated at the Kasukuwere press conference.

They went further: Kasukuwere would be deputy to Vice President Chiwenga, a man they cast as set to challenge President Mnangagwa at the ruling Party’s October elective Congress.

Vice President Chiwenga, they alleged, seeks this challenge on grounds that the current President reneged on an agreement — which we assume Kasukuwere, Tsenengamu and Kunaka are sole keepers — by which he promised to serve for one term only! Goodness me!

About that same time Kunaka and Tsenengamu are perorating at the press conference, the supposed two mortal antagonists — President Mnangagwa and Vice President Chiwenga — are jointly reading two separate communications from our Saviour Kasukuwere, in which he is pleading with both to be allowed back from self-exile!

Back not for higher ideals which Jim and Tsenengamu are trying to paste on him, but for the more mundane objective of saving his crumbling investments! While his henchmen vest him with lofty pursuits, the man — by his own hand — is chasing more down-to-earth goals! To be or not to be: that is his humble preoccupation!

So what is Saviour’s goal? Simply to use his Janus-faced politics to cut some space for himself alone, the same way he left his comrades in the lurch in November 2017!

Janus-faced in that he at one level engages the President and his Vice in plaintive tones, while frightening them with the threat of being a contestant in 2023. Or frightening them by threatening to divide the Zanu-PF vote in Mashonaland Central, Zanu-PF’s stronghold.

Janus-faced in that he hopes Chamisa takes notice of these efforts, just in case he succeeds in causing an upset.

That makes him a Triple C aspirational member.

And on that score, Chan appears to have a better grasp of Zimbabwean politics than a man who was political commissar of the ruling party, once upon a time! Enough of human affairs; let the donkey leave matters at this stage. Jamwanda : Herald


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