Tuesday, 5 July 2022


AN unidentified tout rammed into an island at the corner of Julius Nyerere Way and Samora Machel Avenue while doing some errands after cleaning his paymaster’s silver Mercedes Benz.

The young man, who was only identified as Takudzwa, was assigned to clean the vehicle (ACK 4607) at his usual base at Karigamombe Arcade.

However, he decided to go to a nearby bar to buy opaque beer.

H-Metro established that Takudzwa, who is unlicensed, panicked when he saw the police and went through a red traffic light.

Takudzwa, who could not comment on the incident, was seen shaking and visibly disturbed.

Luck ran out for him as he sustained minor injuries and no other cars were damaged.

“I just left the keys so that he could clean the car. I had not given him permission to drive the car,” said the frustrated owner.

People, who were on the spot, questioned the tout’s ability to pay for the damage he had caused.

“Before you leave your car at the car wash, make sure you check if the person in charge of moving the vehicle has a licence, if not, don’t leave the car keys,” said Lovington Brown Paraiwa.

Laura Tatenda Tsonzi echoed similar sentiments.

“I don’t leave my keys, I’ll open everything, his job is to wash it ari ipapo akapedza ovhara mota till I come or I won’t go far.

“I don’t trust giving car keys kumunhu asina yake mota,” said Tsonzi. H Metro


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