Saturday, 4 June 2022


Illiterate newspapers are being pummelled back and forth by buffeted Mafume and his clueless Triple C councillors. It is all thunder, blinding flashes but no strike. All it takes is very little intellect and sweat-free investigation to get simple facts on this little body-sound in a muffling blanket.

The idea of a waste treatment plant belongs to Triple C, both before and after the split. The idea of siting it at Pomona was Triple C’s. Including donating the land to the concerned company. The idea of a plant built under BOOT — Build, Own, Operate and Transfer terms — again was a Triple C one, whatever vicissitudes visited the party afterwards.

The choice of the plant builder — some European company — is again a Triple C one. Above all, the idea to then take this key infrastructural project to Government, through the Local Government Ministry, was a Triple C one. Once the last step happened, Cabinet was seized with this referral project, which it escalated through an inter-ministerial technical committee to weigh options and make recommendations to Cabinet.

At that stage, and to all intents and purposes, the project outgrew Harare City Council. It is now a national project, meaning Harare City Council cannot make or break it, fullstop. All this prattle about Mafume cancelling the deal is mere warming of idle jaws through inane jabber, and for political posturing.

The same municipality has just brought in “garbage” trucks

Through that useless posturing, Triple C hopes that Mafume will help it scrub its soiled and smelly hinds as a misgoverning authority in all our towns and cities it captured through some impulsive, urban protest vote which has now turned into some proverbial biting of the nose to spite the face on the part of the urban voter.

Ordering garbage trucks!

One would have hoped for common sense and literacy in the coverage and treatment of this never-never story. Of course one got neither.

To imagine a municipality that never collects garbage, but leaves garbage to rot and pile to mini-mountainous heights, can ever threaten to deny the wastage treatment plant garbage it never collects anyway, is to hope for a pony from a mule.

As a matter of detail, the whole deal and package includes appropriate trucks for garbage collection, and a garbage collection system which the Triple C municipality has, over the years, shown no capacity to even comprehend, let alone execute.

As I write, the same municipality has just brought in “garbage” trucks — no pun intended — which even shame road contractors and their earthmoving contraptions!

The lot has no clue on differences between an earth-carting truck and a garbage-collecting truck, which is why they continue give us more and more garbage, in more ways than waste! Jamwanda : The Herald


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