Monday, 6 June 2022


ACTOR Stephen “Doink” Matambo is recovering from head injuries he sustained during a robbery attack last week.

He was on his way from a shoot when he was attacked in Highfield.

He sustained head injuries.

“I am recovering from the injuries I sustained on my head during a robbery attack recently.

“I was coming from Highfield, where l was shooting some skits with Mai Jilimba, she had dismissed us early but transport was a problem.

“I had to hike and a car came from Machipisa Shops and the driver was calling for Budiriro 1 and 2 passengers.

“I got into the car, a Toyota Wish, which had one female passenger and three other males,” he said.

Matambo said the driver later changed course.

“So vakabva vati mudhara hatichayende takudzokera kwatabva zvedu ini ndikat no problem ndidzosei kwamanditora vakaramba zvikanzi sara pano and it was around 6.30pm.

“I dropped off and after walking about 150 metres ndakangoona muchisango mobuda munhu akangondirova kugotsi nechinhu.

“I felt the pain ndikadonha.

“I went down and tried to stand up before I was hit again.

Head injuries Matambo sustained during a robbery attack

“Ipapo ndakaita dzungu, I then felt the attacker waking me up so that I look upwards. He then demanded cash and other valuables.

“He was in kneeling position and I gained my strength and grabbed him by the collar.

“He tried to attack me again and I grabbed his privates.”

He added: “He cried before someone came to help and he pushed me and he managed to run away.

“I fell onto the ground since I had no power. I tried to get help to go to the police but none helped me.

“People who got to the scene were saying what if I die in their hands or kudzimba dzavo, I needed help but ndakaishaya.”

That is, according to Matambo, until three people came to his rescue.

“May God bless three guys, two vana Madzibaba so and one guy aive mentally ill ndiye akandinamatira akandipa jira to bandage the wound but it was dirty and l didn’t use it.

“But, l thank God for that guy, he was so humble and very caring despite his condition.”

He said people were afraid to help him since they thought he would die anytime.

Meanwhile, Matambo is set to go to Nigeria after being invited to be part of three movies produced by Trinity Film Company. He has since sent a begging bowl to help him finance his travel arrangements. H Metro


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