Friday, 8 April 2022


A woman from Bulawayo was left shocked and heartbroken after discovering that her husband — a local businessman has been double-crossing her with her own daughter.

In a bare-it-all interview with B-Metro Sithabile Blom (42) from Richmond suburb said she was left utterly devastated, hysterical and furious after she discovered that her husband Johannes Gerardus Blom (73) was allegedly bedding her 20-year-old daughter Ayanda Ncube.

Sithabile looked jaded, as she walked into the B-Metro newsroom on Tuesday afternoon to share her frustration about the shocking developments in her marriage.

“I am in a situation that no one would ever want to experience,” she blurted out.

She went on: “I was horrified the day I discovered that my husband was having sex with me and also engaged my daughter in regular sex. He indeed betrayed my trust.

“The disturbing revelations came to my attention sometime in December last year and up to this day I’m still struggling to come to terms with the news. I loved him but now I am done, broken and left ashamed”.

She said to make matters worse, her husband told her that he has lost count of how many times he had slept with Ayanda.

Sithabile and Johannes got married on 7 December 2017 and they have no children together.

Ayanda, a child from her previous marriage, is now staying in South Africa and is regularly sneaking back into the country to meet her step-dad-cum lover.

The aggrieved Sithabile said the matter came to light when Ayanda’s boyfriend, who is also based in South Africa, hacked Ayanda’s cellphone and discovered a host of nude pictures and nasty messages which the two — Johannes and Ayanda — were exchanging.

“After discovering the nude pictures which the two were exchanging, Ayanda’s boyfriend phoned Johannes threatening to expose their treacherous affair to me unless he met his demands. He blackmailed him into paying him some money so that he won’t disclose their affair to me.

“The boyfriend, who was threatening to tell me everything if he doesn’t pay, seemed to have demanded something outrageous,” she said.

Supposedly after failing to meet the “outrageous demands” and fearing that the matter was still going to come to his wife’s attention, Johannes gathered enough courage to make a chilling confession.

“Fearing that Ayanda’s lover would confront me with the shocking disclosures, he quickly came to me and confessed that he had been sleeping with Ayanda behind my back. After that shocking revelation, he told me to forgive him saying it was the work of the devil.  But my imagination will not allow me to forgive and forget.

“It is even hard to do so with the way he is now treating me. He is verbally and emotionally abusing me. Right now, we don’t see eye to eye with my daughter and I am still convinced that they are still sleeping together,” said a visibly worried Sithabile.

In a desperate attempt to supposedly get rid of her so that they can continue with the illicit relationship, her husband is now falsely accusing her of selling drugs.

“On Monday police from the Drugs and Narcotics Section in Bulawayo came with sniffer dogs to our house after he lied to them that I was in possession of dangerous drugs.

“It is really incomprehensible to be accused of a crime that you did not commit and may not have had anything to do with. His motive is to get me arrested so that I go to jail and he would seize that opportunity to dispose our matrimonial property and start a new life with my daughter. There is also no doubt that Ayanda might the one who is pushing him to harass me,” she said.

She suspected that her husband had been sleeping with her daughter for quite a while before the matter came to light, adding that in a bid to hoodwink Ayanda into the treacherous relationship, Johannes was always buying her expensive gifts.

“When my daughter tried to reach me to explain the story, I didn’t entertain her. It’s difficult considering that I found her private sexual images in my husband’s phone. What is now worrying me is that Johannes also wants me out of our house title which we bought together.

“I felt that when we got married, he used me in order to get a Zimbabwe residence permit and I need to take immediate action to protect myself,” said a sobbing Sithabile.

She adds that the harassment from her husband started after she discovered that he was allegedly bonking her daughter.

“As if that is not enough, he also told me that he once gave money to Ayanda to perform an abortion. I used to think he was doing everything for me because he loved me, but was shocked when he started demanding all the money, he used on me and my children during the subsistence of our marriage,” she said.

Efforts were made to contact Johannes but he hung up his phone when this reporter told him he was from B-Metro and asked him about the allegations levelled against him. Frantic efforts to phone  him again drew a blank as his phone was no longer reachable. B Metro


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