Monday, 11 April 2022


HARARE lawyer Tawanda Takaindisa’s car was sold by a mechanic, without his consent, after he had taken the vehicle for repairs.

The mechanic, Tinashe Chipondwa, appeared before Harare magistrate Yeukai Dzuda and was not asked to plead.

The court heard that two years ago, Takaindisa Law Chambers, represented by Takaindisa, gave Chipondwa a Benz Viano, whose gearbox required attention.

Chipondwa promised to fix the vehicle within a month.

In December 2020, Takaindisa made a follow-up on the vehicle and Chipondwa advised him he had sourced spare parts from the UK, and they were still in transit.

The court heard that Takaindisa was satisfied with the explanation and even advised the mechanic to take his time as he wanted a perfect job on the car.

Takaindisa went back to check on the vehicle, after some time, as the firm wanted to dispose of the car.

However, Chipondwa became evasive.

Takaindisa later found out that Chipondwa had sold the car, without its registration book, violating their trust agreement.

The car was recovered from the buyer and is currently held as an exhibit. H Metro



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