Wednesday, 20 April 2022


A 40-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly raping an unsuspecting 20-year-old job-seeker in his offices.

Messiah Zinyengo reportedly lured his victim with the promise of securing a job for her.

He now awaits his court appearance.

Harare Provincial Police Spokesperson, Inspector Luckmore Chikanza, confirmed the incident.

“I can confirm receiving the incident where a 20-year-old lady was raped in an office. The 40-year-old man, Zinyengo Messiah, has since been arrested and will appear in court soon.”

A close source said Zinyengo asked the victim to visit his office with her Curriculum Vitae.

“I am pained, this man, Messiah called the victim advising her to come to his office in Mt Pleasant,” said the source.

“He promised her work and told her to bring her identity cards along with a CV.

“She was told, basa ratovepo, achiti zvese zvainge zvatoita.”

Added the source: “She then went to his office on Monday before meeting a security guard who told her to enter the office.

“When she entered the office, Zinyengo locked the door and started fondling her.

“During the incident, she called for help, but no one came to her rescue. Even the guard did not come.

“Sadly, she was raped vakumuti ukazvitaura chete ndokuuraya. He promised her US$100.

“From there, she went home and advised her family who then ferried her to the hospital.

“A report was made.” Zinyengo was later arrested.

“My relative is always crying non-stop. Why lie to the girl that she got the job?

“She has been taken to the hospital again, the girl is in pain, akurwadziwa kunge arikubaiwa netsono.

“He only wanted to rape her, he lied she had the job kuroad works vaye vanogadzira road along Chivhu-Masvingo, vachida kumurepa.” H Metro


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