Thursday, 21 April 2022


THE day of reckoning is nigh for corrupt Government officials, Zanu-PF chairman for Bulawayo Metropolitan Province and former Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association chairman Cde Jabulani Sibanda has warned.

Speaking during an interview on the sidelines of the historic 42nd main Independence Day celebrations held at Barbourfields Stadium on Monday, Cde Sibanda said anyone who deviates from national interests and direction of the Second Republic led by President Mnangagwa was a counter revolutionary and a reactionary.

“After 42 years of self-rule, you can see where our country is coming from and where it is going. I accept there are problems in our nation like any other nation. Some of our problems could have been avoided and can still be avoided now.

“I am asking all those responsible for our problems, be it in the opposition or in our party, Zanu-PF or in Government to just check yourself. Ask yourself what is it that you have done to improve the welfare of our people, to remove vices like tribalism, regionalism and other unnecessary differences,” said Cde Sibanda.

He said corruption was a cancer that destroys the country while also delaying the development of the revolution.

“To those among us, especially those in Government, that are involved in corruption that destroys our country, that delays the development of our revolution, I am saying to you, one day you will stand before the people to answer for your deeds,” said Cde Sibanda.

He said no one must take Independence Day for granted, as it came through the shedding of blood of the country’s gallant sons and daughters who took up arms to fight colonialists.

“I salute the heroic people of our country; I salute them today during our 42nd Independence Day. I salute the whole nation for accepting that the celebrations be held here in Bulawayo for the first time.

I salute the war veterans, dead and alive, including those who died before being vetted. I also salute the Cabinet and our President for bringing this day here. It has always been done in Harare because it is the capital, but any town or city can host this event and we thank the President for showing us that,” said Cde Sibanda. Chronicle


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