Monday, 4 April 2022


COMEDIENNE and musician, Mai TT, on Saturday revealed that Tinashe sent her daughter US$1 000, to help boost her business, even before the two had become a romantic pair.

Mai TT’s wedding is expected this Saturday in Harare.

She engaged prominent female church leaders ahead of her bridal shower and wedding.

Born Felistas Murata, Mai TT, received prayers from church leaders – Prophetess Memory Matimbire, Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Service chaplain Mai Phiri, Mai Gwatidzo and her mother Pastor Esther Murata.

Pastor Gwatidzo and Chaplain Phiri shared messages on how women should handle their marriages and chronicled Mai TT’s Christian background, describing her as a prayer warrior.

Mai TT then stunned guests by opening up about how Tinashe Maphosa connected with her in her Instagram inbox.

“It was on my daughter’s birthday when Tinashe sent a greeting into my Instagram inbox,” said Mai TT.

“I ignored his message since I am someone who is always busy. At first, it was ‘Hi’ and I did not respond and a month later it was ‘hey’.

“Tinashe pretended to be someone who just wanted to send a birthday present to my daughter and that drew my attention.

“As time went by, he followed my live videos, he praised the way I looked after my children and I just said thanks.

“He went on to narrate that my attitude towards my children, and the consistency in supporting them, reminded him of his late mother and he sent US$1000 to support my daughter’s business.

“He promised to support my daughter’s cosmetics business and asked if I could give him my contact details.

“He went on to admire my beauty. I told him about my relationships sezvo ndiri munhu anongopinda achibuda saka ndakamuudza kuti ndichangobuda and I am fresh.

“Ndakabva ndamuudza ipapo kuti my number is 077…….. and the next day I was the first to say ‘hie’.

“Tinashe went on to invite me to the US and I agreed and visited him. The rest can be summarised by why we are here today,” said Mai TT.

She urged other women not to ignore some of the messages sent to their inboxes. H Metro 


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