Thursday, 14 April 2022


 A LOCAL businessman’s small house says she is enduring physical and emotional abuse from her married lover who reportedly threatens to withdraw his support should she raise the issue with anyone.

Monica Gadu (30) and Ndabazingi Shava (43) have a one-year-old child.

Monica has now posted their photographs, and that of their one-year-old baby, to the inbox of Shava’s wife, Eurita.

She was protesting over unpaid rentals and lack of support.

Monica told H-Metro Shava has allegedly been assaulting her for some time, whenever she asks for financial support, accusing her of cheating.

Shava confirmed his differences with Monica, claiming she has been unfaithful to him.

However, he denied assaulting her.

“Ndewangu mukadzi wemusikanzwa uyo asi zvaarikutaura ndezvekunyepa nekuti ndakatobhadhara mari yerent ye mwedzi miviri,” said Shava.

“There are some issues behind her claim of lack of support which she does not want to tell.

“She has not been faithful and I never assaulted her as alleged, but she is hiding the real issues.

“I do not have one house in Harare, for her to struggle for accommodation, even her Greendale rented house is paid up.

“She is after fighting me because she sent some photographs of me with her and the child to my wife’s Facebook account, exposing me, and I do not know why she is doing this.

“I am in South Africa right now, but I did all the rental payments.”

Monica described Shava as abusive. 

“It is better for me to suffer with my child than to continue living in silence while being physically and emotionally abused by Shava,” said Monica.

“I have approached the police several times about being assaulted, but the cases die because of threats that I would lose financial support.

“Ndofa nekurohwa nekuda mari here yandinopihwa nemuseredzero asi ini ndakabereka mwana naye?

“My landlady always demands her rentals 10 days after month-end and when Shava pays, I also pay the price of being assaulted and being accused of cheating him.

“I never cheated him.

“I have some photographs of my buttocks and face bruised and he warns me about taking the matter to law enforcement agencies, or anyone in authority, and threatens to kill me.

“For how long will I live and die silently for the sake of money and a marriage which he does not want to introduce to his legal wife? It is true that I posted some photographs and messages between me and him to his wife Eurita for her to understand my plight.” H Metro


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