Saturday, 12 March 2022


PRESIDENT Mnangagwa has called for peace during ongoing campaigns for March 26 by-elections, saying Zimbabweans had a long history of harmony and unity.

He was speaking in Chiweshe during the installation ceremony of Mr Paradzai Kutyauripo as the 13th substantive Chief Negomo of Mazowe District, Mashonaland Central Province.

Mr Kutyauripo is First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa’s brother.

The President said electoral contestation should not plunge Zimbabwe into violent conflict that engulfed the nation during the liberation struggle.

“We want peace in the ongoing campaigns and we do not want violence at all,” said the President.

“There was violence during the war as people died, while others got injured. But now we want to preserve our heritage. There is no reason to from be violent.”

President Mnangagwa, who is also the First Secretary of the ruling ZANU PF, called on supporters to carry the party to a resounding victory during the by-elections.

He thanked voters in Mashonaland Central Province for remaining loyal to the revolutionary party during previous elections.

“Since Independence in 1980, you have been claiming all the seats and for that I am truly grateful.

“I was told by the Minister of State that there are seven local government by-elections on March 16 in this area.

“Do you promise me that all these seven councillors will come to ZANU PF?” asked the President to rousing applause.

“After the 26th, when your promise has been fulfilled, I will talk to Cde (Kenneth) Musanhi, who will discuss with the chairman so that I come back to thank you.”

Turning to the newly-installed Chief Negomo, the President counselled the importance of fairness when dispensing justice.

He said traditional chiefs play a crucial role in facilitating development and the preservation of the country’s values and norms.

“Coming back to my in-law, who has been installed chief, you have heard the counsel from the president of the Chiefs’ Council and Chief Matsiwo who leads chiefs here.

“We want to hear that you dispense justice.

“Matters must be resolved in a manner that pleases the people without corruption.”

President Mnangagwa said traditional leaders must not show favouritism, but should remain steadfast in engendering transparency and fairness.

“You must be fair, transparent and show no favouritism.

“When one is wrong, they are wrong and one who has done nothing wrong has done nothing wrong.

“I believe your ancestors have assessed your heart for you to get the post.

“There are 300 chiefs in the country and there is no area without one.

“If we combine these areas of jurisdiction, that is Zimbabwe and if every chief dispenses justice, the nation will be on the correct path.”

The President said traditional chiefs must be dependable representatives of the national leadership.

“While we are at the top, we believe that you will be representing us well.

“Our traditional values out there differ, but we believe a chief knows what is expected in his area of jurisdiction.

“I always say a country is built by its owners and I urge us all to unite and build our country.

“Let us work together and respect each other in the communities in which we live.

“I last witnessed the installation of Chief Chirumanzu long back but there was no huge crowd like I witnessed here today.

“As a son-in-law, I am pleased by what has taken place here.

“I am glad you have come in your numbers to celebrate the installation of Chief Negomo.”

President Mnangagwa said Government has introduced a raft of interventions in the agriculture sector that will guarantee national food security.

He said the Pfumvudza/Intwasa programme was designed to ensure household food security.

“We promoted Pfumvudza so that every household gets food,” said the President.

“If you produce cotton, we give you the inputs so that we produce and not seek handouts as though we have no land.

“We are building schools, clinics, roads and dams province by province.

“I was pleased passing through the school attended by First Lady Amai Mnangagwa – Kakora school.

“I saw that it needs painting and I am going to paint it.

“If it does not have computers I will give them. It cannot be a First Lady’s former school with appalling walls.”

Thousands of people attended the installation ceremony. Sunday Mail




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