Thursday, 17 February 2022


 A South africa-based bible school student is at odds with his former lover after he allegedly duped her of R23000 in a rabbit project.

Praise Goveya, who is enrolled with AFM Theological Seminary Bible School, was allegedly given R23K by Memory Mapite, during the subsistence of their relationship.

The money was meant to start a rabbit project and the pair agreed that Mapite injects the capital.

She allegedly deposited the money into Goveya’s account and he bought 12 rabbits.

Mapite has since engaged lawyers to deal with the matter since Goveya has changed the script to suggest she didn’t inject anything into the project.

Contacted for comment Goveya did not respond, but cleared a friend to speak to H-Metro.

“We are coming back to you, let me hear what he (Praise) has to say but he asked me to talk to you,” said the friend.

He never came back with the feedback. Instead, Goveya instructed his wife to contact Mapite.

“Dear Memory Mapite, stop your claims on my rabbits,” read a message from Goveya’s wife.

“On January 18, I received messages about you and my husband from the number (protected), which I believe that it was you because, according to my research, the IP ADDRESS was from the same phone that you messaged me with on January 21, with your number (protected).

“My silence on this matter was not (a sign of being) stupid, you dated my husband, who is lawfully wedded, and you started a rabbit project together which I believed was his project, only to know now that you were behind the financing of it.

“I then bought my rabbits, together with my husband, now I hear that you want to claim the 14 rabbits that are in my name, hauone kuti wakundijairira?

“You further went on social media claiming that you bought a bed and a sofa for him.

“Do you know that dating a married man is a serious offence that is criminal not civil, please leave my rabbits alone, as much as I am too peaceful to not fight publicly, (when it comes to) my money, I will fight you.

“I demand a stop to this, I will fly to South Africa soon, not for drama but for my rabbits, so please stay out of that.”

Mapite said she just wanted her money back.

“I want my money, why does he want to benefit from what he didn’t work for? Munhu anoda kudya zvaasina kushandira?

“Why does he act in that manner, munhu ari kuita chifundisi? “He lied to me that he was divorcing his wife. I was the one who was working and we came up with the business idea.

“I funded it but now he is saying I am not part of it.” She added: “My lawyer sent him a letter of demand and he was given seven days to respond.

“All the expenses have accumulated to R39K.”

Allegations are that Goveya went on to post pictures of him, with Mapite, in the church group. H Metro


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