Tuesday, 15 February 2022


CHILLSPOT Records co-founder, Arnold “DJ Fantan” Kamudyariwa, has responded to the social media trolls after he faced a backlash for gracing the ZANU PF star rally in Epworth last Saturday.

A section of people, with political motives, blasted him for the remarks he made during the rally, while others defended him citing he has a right to choose, in a democratic society.

Speaking to H-Metro, DJ Fantan said he was unfazed by the reaction since he had more sympathisers than those who were against him.

He also said it is normal for people to have different opinions.

“Social media is a platform with mixed feelings. There are bullies and genuine fans, and we are used to it,” said DJ Fantan.

“It is just the same when we release music, there will always be negative and positive reactions from the people.

“But numbers don’t lie. Those bashing us are a handful compared to those who are proud of us. Our show had many artists, but because of the level, social media bullies decided to attack me.

“I’m not even the first artist to greet the President and it’s obvious some of the bullies have been sent by their parties.”

DJ Fantan said, like every citizen, he has the right to choose to be affiliated to any organisation.

“Bob Marley said every man has a right to decide his own destiny. I think our country is democratic, that’s why we have so many options to choose from,” he said.

“No one should bully other people and we can’t all think or feel like they do.

“Register to vote and let the ballot speak. Don’t hate your neighbours for their political choices because that would be immature,” he said.

DJ Fantan said he was not angry with all the people who attacked him on social media.

“We love them, all the haters, and those who support us. In fact, I love Zimbabwe and all its people.

“I will forever be grateful for those who stand with us, even through the storm.

“I’m a music DJ with a passion for empowering the youths through music,” he told H-Metro.

The Chillspot Records co-founder said he was now looking forward to holding big gigs while observing Covid-19 regulations.

“As musicians, we always need gigs because most of our income comes from performing live shows.

“Our main priority is to entertain people.

“We will also be seriously following Covid-19 regulations if we get the opportunity to hold such big gigs,” said DJ Fantan. H Metro


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