Tuesday, 9 November 2021


Another batch of 100 new buses is being offloaded in Durban and will soon arrive to boost the Zupco fleet in time for the festive season while the company works on its next step in rail services — the train between Harare and Norton.

The new batch, twice the size of most of the regular deliveries of new buses, will help Zupco provide better intercity services, now allowed after the Covid-19 lockdown was relaxed from Level Four to Level Two, as well as boost urban services.

This comes at a time when law enforcement agents are battling with mushikashika, illegal transporters and unregistered vehicles who are carrying travellers at undesignated points creating chaos and unnecessary traffic jams.

Recently, President Mnangagwa commissioned a batch of 50 Golden Dragon Zupco buses from China which were distributed in areas that were hit by transport challenges across the country.

While the bus fleet is being built up with regular deliveries, Zupco is also working on building up its rail service, done in conjunction with National Railways of Zimbabwe.

Suburban rail services at rush hours are now operating in Harare, Gweru and Bulawayo, but Zupco is already looking at extending these services and upgrading the rolling stock.

The extension should soon see a rail service to Norton, stopping at intermediate points between Harare and the town, while the first fruits of the upgrade has seen the lights now working in the carriages on the Mufakose train and being reinstalled in the carriages used by the Ruwa and Tynwald trains.

The carriages will also be painted to give them a new look and the leaking roofs of some coaches will be sealed.

Zupco acting chief executive Mr Everisto Mudangwa said the buses were in Durban.

“We are still waiting for the buses to be offloaded at the Durban port then they will be transported o Zimbabwe,” he said.

“On the trains, electricity has been put on the Mufakose train and on other trains it is work in progress. We are working on revamping all the trains before the start of the rainy season but it does not happen overnight, it takes time.”  Herald


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