Thursday, 11 November 2021


A CHINAMHORA family is demanding justice amid claims that the post-mortem results for their relative were tampered with.

It is now more than two months after Tapera Johannes Chitawunhike’s body was taken for second post-mortem after the family lodged a complaint against police in August.

The family is contesting the initial report that their relative died due to cardiac arrest yet he had injuries on his body.

Chitawunhike family of Mutake Village under Chief Chinamhora believes their relative was murdered and they claim the perpetrators dined with investigating police officers resulting in a cover up.

The family claims they are yet to receive the second post-mortem results, which were promised within 30 days.

Family spokesperson Tatenda Chitawunhike yesterday told H-Metro that they feel justice is being denied.

“We have not yet received the results for the second post-mortem and it’s been more than 60 days yet the results were supposed to come in 30 days from the day the post-mortem was done,” said Chitawunhike.

“We checked with police officers at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals base but they told me that Chinamhora police is supposed to visit the doctor to collect the historical and they attach it to the texcology so that we have the new results.

“Chinamhora police officers who investigated the case are the ones we lodged a complaint against.

“We want justice and their delay in releasing second post-mortem results is a clear indication of denying justice.

“Police are yet to open a murder docket and that is questionable,” said Chitawunhike.

The family is claiming murder on the basis that their relative had fresh wounds on his body.

“His physical appearance contradicted the post mortem as he had fresh wounds on his body.”

Tapera’s body was initially set for burial on August 26 and the family had already dug a grave for him.

However, things changed after the disputed post mortem and they now had to go for another one on the August 30.

He was then buried on the September 1 in Mutake village and chief Chinamhora was initially reported to have demanded a beast for violation of tradition.

Traditionally, a deceased person is supposed to be buried on the day the grave is dug.

Chief Chinamhora however, denied the allegations. “The case was never brought to my court since it is of a criminal matter.

“Maybe my headman could have heard the case,” said Chief Chinamhora.

Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi is on record confirming receiving a complaint from Chitawunhike family.

However, police hands’ are tied as the second post mortem results are yet to be released. H Metro


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