Wednesday, 3 November 2021


MDC-Alliance legislator Joana Mamombe was yesterday re-issued with summons to appear in court on fresh criminal charges after she allegedly trespassed on two farms in Harare where she allegedly shot videos of the occupants during the national Covid-19 national lockdown in April last year.

Mamombe was supposed to appear at the Harare Magistrates Court for trial on charges of ‘unnecessary movement during the Covid-19 national lockdown’ but the State resummoned her to appear in court on December 8.

The State had not furnished her with documents to prepare for her trial.

She allegedly went to Mukushi Compound in Tynwald North and Chichera Farm located in Marlborough during the high-level lockdown.

The State alleges that on April 24 last year Mamombe and her accomplices, who are still at large, allegedly connived to breach the Covid-19 national lockdown regulations and went to Mukushi Compound and Chichera Farm without any exemption.

At the farms, Mamombe and her accomplices allegedly shot videos and interviewed several occupants at the farms in connection with the high-level lockdown.

They allegedly said that several people living on the farms were starving to the point of eating worms and insects known as mamunye in vernacular.

Under the lockdown people were allowed to go out to get food, normally not travelling more than 5km but if there were no shops or supplies within than radius they could travel further.

Police investigations revealed that Mamombe was residing in Glen Norah C, Harare during that time and she unnecessarily moved across the town to the said farms without any exemption.

The State claims that there is video footage showing Mamombe and her team at the farms carrying out interviews. Herald


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