Friday, 8 October 2021


A HEADLANDS man who travelled several kilometres for a sleep-over with his married lover at her matrimonial home got more than what he had bargained for after the woman’s alert husband trapped, and fatally assaulted him.

Dennis Blessing Matimba (32) was last week beaten to death after he was caught red-handed by Peter Kunyongana being intimate with his wife, Talent Saunyama(28), in their kitchen hut in Yorkshire area of Headlands.

Kunyongana, who harboured the suspicion that his wife was cheating on him, managed to get incriminating evidence when they were working in their garden after Saunyama kept attending to her phone.

The husband became curious, and when Saunyama briefly left her phone behind to answer the call of nature, Kunyongana perused it.

He stumbled upon steamy messages the two lovebirds were exchanging.

Acting Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka, confirmed the incident, saying Kunyongana decided to set up a trap.

He lied to his wife that he was not sleeping at home that night as he wanted to visit his parents.

Saunyama allegedly invited Matimba of Charenzva Village for a sleep-over.

“On September 23, Kunyongana was tending his garden with his wife, Talent Saunyama when he became suspicious that she was communicating with someone over the phone.

Saunyama went to relieve herself and left her phone behind.

“Kunyongana scrolled through the phone, and discovered some lurid messages between Matimba and his wife.

“The two were planning to meet somewhere. Kunyongana decided to set up a trap, and lied to his wife that he was going to visit his parents that day. He said he would spend the night there.

“However, he did not go to his parents’ home, but hid in a tobacco barn in the field.

“During the night, Matimba arrived at Kunyongana’s homestead, and was led into the kitchen hut by Saunyama.

At around 9pm, Kunyongana knocked at the door, but the two refused to open. He had to break the door to gain entrance. A scuffle ensued between Kunyongana and Matimba.

“The latter managed to escape and ran away naked,” said Assistant Inspector Chinyoka. He said Matimba collapsed about 100 meters away from the homestead.

His body was discovered the following morning by Meki James who was on his way to the fields. A police report was made, leading to Kunyongana’s arrest.

“We urge people to desist from resorting to violence to resolve disputes. People must seek help from third parties when they face such scenarios to avoid the unnecessary loss of life,” said Assistant Inspector Chinyoka.

Kunyongana, who is being charged with murder, appeared before Rusape magistrate, Ms Annie Ndiraya.

He is represented by Mr Walter Mangwende of Chigadza and Associates, who successfully applied for his bail.

Kunyongana was remanded out of custody to October 8 on $30 000 bail.

Meanwhile, a Chipinge man who failed to fathom his wife’s alleged promiscuous behaviour decided to cut his own life by hanging on Monday.

Nelson Sithole of Gumiro Village in Chief Mapungwana’s area allegedly committed suicide after an altercation with his wife, Daniye Makhuyana over infidelity allegations.

Makhuyana packed her belongings, and left Sithole’s home.

Assistant Inspector Chinyoka, said: “The two had an altercation after Sithole accused Makhuyana of cheating with other men.

“This did not go down well with Makhuyana who packed her belongings, and left the matrimonial home.

“Sithole hanged himself from a roof truss. His body was discovered by his brother-in-law, Edmore who alerted the police.” ManicaPost


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