Tuesday, 12 October 2021


Two siblings in Buhera’s Zinhanga village under chief Nyashanu have teamed up to snatch an aging polygamous neighbour’s wives.

The duo Magamba Chingore (38) and Tafadzwa Chingore (32), who are also married, are involved in an adulterous relationship with Elina Chiwora (38) and Talent Chakanyuka (32).

Chiwora and Chakanyuka are married to Tambaoga Mariridza (67) who has two other wives and is currently living in South Africa with the first and third wife.

According to Chiwora and Chakanyuka, they have been left at Mariridza’s compound with no hope of him coming back to their beds hence going on sexual escapades with the Chingore brothers.

H-Metro has established that one of the brothers, Tafadzwa Chingore, a barber, even sired a child with Talent Chiwora in 2011 but the child later died in 2016 after a short illness.

Tafadzwa was later fined two beasts and a goat by Chief Nyashanu as punishment for the adulterous relationship.

However, Tafadzwa recently renewed his affection for Chiwora.

“The woman had given me my only girl child since I only have four boys from my current marriage.

“I am fully aware that she’s someone’s wife but she told me she has no hope of ever being intimate with Mariridza who is aging and has abandoned her, hence we are rekindling of our affair.

“I also don’t care that she is older than me, so long she is in good books with my wife. The two of them have even agreed to be in a polygamous relationship with me,” said Tafadzwa.

“I started seeing Tafadzwa again recently because my husband has abandoned us, the last time he came back in 2018, he slept in my bed but never had intercourse with me.

“I tried to make love to him by all means but he remained cold and he told me he was having erectile dysfunctions, but to my surprise after he left I was told he has a new born baby with his third wife.

“I have realized that I can’t burn with love and wait for him forever but rather pursue what I once had with Tafadzwa,” said Chiwora.

When H-Metro arrived at Magamba’s homestead which is just next to Tafadzwa’s compound, Chakanyuka was coming out of the former’s bedroom.

“It’s hard to explain but the truth of the matter is just that I have been seeing Chakanyuka for some time now and my wife has blessed our union.

“We have agreed that Chakanyuka visits every weekend and returns to her place on Monday morning.

“She has been getting along so well with my wife and I am now used to have both women around,” he said Magamba.

He said he is willing to take her as his second wife.

“She has been through a lot including neglect and abuse in her current marriage setup in which her husband doesn’t notice her at all.

“I told her she can come stay with me anytime because I have been helping her with everything,” he said.

Chakanyuka confirmed the relationship saying it was as a result of ill-treatment by Mariridza.

“My husband hasn’t laid his hands on me in six years even though I am still living in his compound. I am still young for people to tell me to forget about my sexual life.

“The last time my husband came back from South Africa he never came to my bedroom and the only child I had with him back then hasn’t met him.

“He told me that he was no longer interested in me.

“I am now seeing Magamba because he has a strong hand, he makes me feel young and feel like a woman again, handingadzokere kuvhu ndozobvunzwa naMwari kuti ko zvinhu zvako waishandisei ndoti ndaimirira murume asingachandide,” she said.

Chakanyuka who is also a prophetess claims her bond with Magamba grew after she healed his wife.

“I got close to Magamba after his wife developed a bleeding problem which I helped heal, after that they were able to have children.

“I have been seeing him since and share the same bed with his wife whenever I visit during the weekends,” she said.

Both women also claim they have been proposed to by a number of men from the same village but turning them down.

This has also left a number of the villagers suggesting that both women (Chawora and Chakanyuka) used juju to charm the Chingore brothers and their wives. H Metro


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