Tuesday, 7 September 2021


Vice President Constantine Chiwenga has warned citizens that public places will not be accessible to those who are not vaccinated against Covid19 once Government relaxes strict movement conditions under lockdown level 4.

His statement runs against recently pronounced Government policy that vaccination is voluntary. Chiwenga who was speaking from Buhera where he was touring Dorowa, a phosphate mine on Sunday also contradicts a statement made by the First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa in Chipinge recently that members of the public will not be forced to get vaccinated.

“As the Minister of Health and Child Care, I will make sure that vaccination certificates will be required for people to access public places although we have relaxed a few things. I therefore encourage people to be vaccinated as it will be difficult to enjoy services when lockdown measures are relaxed.

“We will allow you to watch soccer, watch cricket and enjoy food in a restaurant but you will be required to produce a vaccination certificate. We will not allow you to enter public places without a vaccination certificate,” said Chiwenga.

Chipinge Times attended the Sunday event where Chiwenga met company executives and Government officials as the first step towards the commissioning of fertilizer value chain that will see four critical ministries namely Commerce and Industry, Agriculture, Mines and Ministry of transport coming together to bring the project to fruition.

The Government intends to make Dorowa Minerals viable so that the country stops importing fertiliser.

Dorowa Mine is a subsidiary of Chemplex Corporation that falls under the Industrial Development Corporation of Zimbabwe, a Government owned entity.

The mine produces phosphate which is processed to produce phosphorous used in the production of fertilizers, food additives, treatment of water, metals, manufacturing of detergents and processing of meat products. Masvingo Mirror


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