Tuesday, 14 September 2021


TWO Sauerstown suburb women appeared in court for allegedly stealing their landlord’s property worth over $35 000.

Loveness Mtisi and Brenda Moyo appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Ms Linear Khumalo facing theft charges.

They were not asked to plead and were remanded out of custody to tomorrow.

The court heard that the two women stole from Mr Alfred Ngirazi (27) at a time when he was in court as a complainant in a case in which Mtisi’s daughter is standing accused of stealing his cell phone.

Mr Ngirazi left Moyo and Mtisi at home as he went to court.

When he returned, he found his bed, gas cylinder among other property gone. Neighbours pointed to his two tenants.

For the State, Miss Ashley Dube said sometime in June this year, Mtisi and Moyo allegedly got into Mr Ngirazi’s house unlawfully and stole property.  “In June this year at house number 4 Shilloh road, Sauerstown suburb, Mtisi and Moyo one of them or both allegedly took property from Mr Ngirazi who resides at the same address who is their landlord.

The two stole a bed, gas cylinder, jeans, pots, cups and a wallet which had Mr Ngirazi’s identification card knowing that he was entitled to own the property, depriving him permanently of his ownership, possession or control of the property,” she said.

The court heard that when Mr Ngirazi returned from court he found his property missing and he was told by his neighbours that they had seen the accused persons carrying it.

Moyo and Mtisi allegedly sold the stolen property. Mr Ngirazi reported the matter to the police leading to the pair’s arrest.

The value of the stolen property is $35 818. Chronicle


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