Friday, 24 September 2021


A CHIKANGA marriage almost collapsed last Friday after the husband was caught pants down with a tenant in a toilet around midnight by his wife.

Samuel Makoni’s affair with his tenant, Yeukai Makuva was unearthed by his wife, Rufaro Chipere after her husband took long to return from the toilet.

Stunned by her discovery, Chipere sent Makoni and Makuva packing that very night. Neighbours woke up to screams and verbal exchanges between Makoni and Chipere.

When people gathered to witness the drama, Makoni pummelled his wife, accusing her of drawing unnecessary attention.

“I was so dumbfounded that no one came to my rescue when Makoni was assaulting me. Since we are staying at my parents’ house, I asked Makoni to pack his belongings as he had betrayed my trust.

“When he was packing, he demanded the US$60 he had given me earlier for the children’s upkeep. I surrendered the money and he left,” said Chipere.

Narrating the events leading to the discovery of the two in the act, Chipere said Makoni and his friend were enjoying beer at the house when Makuva joined them.

“Makoni and his friend bought a crate of beer and were drinking outside in the veranda while I was inside. Around 8pm, Makuva joined them, leaving her husband in their room.

“I had no problem with that because I did not suspect anything,” narrated Chipere.

She said the three drank the beer together for some hours while she was asleep.

“I later heard my husband locking our door from outside and I suspected that he was up to something. After locking the door, everything went quiet.

“I used the other door and went outside to investigate. As I approached the toilet, I saw a pair of female panties, and I knew it was Makuva’s.

“I quickly opened the toilet door and saw my husband’s pair of shorts on the floor as well. The pair was enjoying quality time in the toilet. My husband was shocked when he saw me starring at them. Makuva just stared at me and did not do anything to cover herself.”

Chipere said she smacked Makuva on the face and this angered her husband.

“My husband told me that I was blowing everything out of proportion.

“He said he was relieving himself in the toilet when Makuva also came in,” narrated Chipere.

Instead of being remorseful, Makoni allegedly physically attacked Chipere and dragged her to the house.

Makoni allegedly continued assaulting Chipere.

She threw Makoni and his lover out of the house.

When The Weekender visited the house the following day, Makuva was preparing to leave.

“We were all drunk and were using the toilet at the same time with Makoni. What do you want?

“Do you want to wreck my marriage too? Will you be happy with that?” fumed Makuva as she refused to entertain further questions.

Makoni was not available for a comment.

A neighbour, Mbuya Matanga said Makoni was a bad husband as he was in the habit of mistreating and assaulting his wife even though they stayed at her family house.

“He will be back. She will forgive him. I bet she has only talked to you today because she is still angry, but come tomorrow morning, he will be back and it will be business as usual. This couple needs counselling,” she said.

Another neighbour who requested anonymity, said: “They were both naked. We all saw them. It is true that they were caught in the act in the toilet. Chipere should have sued the two, but she is so much in love with her husband.”

True to the neighbours’ sentiments, Makoni returned on Sunday. Manica Post


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