Wednesday, 8 September 2021


A ROW over sex has turned a man violent after pestering his wife for sex for the last seven months.

Tashinga Mudyiwa, 32, is being accused of assaulting his wife Cynthia Duringo aka DJ Spin for denying him conjugal rights since February this year.

DJ Spin claims she no longer feels safe around Mudyiwa whose wayward behaviour is giving her nightmares.

She said memories of her last bashing by Mudyiwa were still vivid such that making love to her husband has become a horrific experience.

“I don’t know what to do anymore; he has been abusing me verbally and physically for the past five years and this has affected my sexuality.

“Just the thought of letting him undress me when he once assaulted me is so wrong to me that I can’t hold back my tears,” said DJ Spin.

H-Metro went to their Braeside home after another episode on Monday where Mudyiwa was being violent such that DJ Spin locked herself in the bathroom.

“He was arrested on Saturday for assaulting a colleague and had to spend the weekend in police custody.

“When he was released on Monday morning he came home and took out his frustrations on me and the children.

“He asked me to pack my bags and I opted to just leave without the bags and he wouldn’t let me; he started assaulting me before I locked myself in the bathroom,” she said.

She added; “I called his mother from the toilet and she came with his grandparents who tried to have us talk through the problems but he walked out in the middle of the meeting.”

She accused Mudyiwa of abusing drugs that cause him to be unstable. “I am only with him because he is the father of my two children and I don’t want to jeopardise that; but he is now an unpredictable man.

“He assaults me in front of the children and is a bad role model. My own family members are quiet about it and I have no solution to my problems,” she said.

Mudyiwa’s grandmother Magna said the couple needed therapy or their marriage will always be sour.

“Love no longer exists between the two because the wife is denying the husband his conjugal rights and again the man is bashing the mother of his children.

“We have tried counselling them a number of times and they reconcile for a few days then back to the violence again.

“As adults we have lost patience with both of them and look for outside help,” said gogo Mudyiwa.

Contacted for comment Mudyiwa said he wasn’t in a good space to comment. “I don’t want to sound rude to you but I am a not in a good space to comment on my personal life at the moment,” he said. H Metro


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