Tuesday, 3 August 2021


ZANU-PF today said the ruling party has never attempted to bribe opposition leaders as alleged by MDC-Alliance secretary general Mr Charlton Hwende.

Zanu-PF spokesperson Cde Simon Khaya-Moyo slammed Mr Hwende for making unfounded allegations against President Mnangagwa.

Responding to a statement made by Mr Hwende, Cde Khaya-Moyo said President Mnangagwa has no business sponsoring opposition leaders.

“In a statement on Monday Mr Charlton Hwende of MDC Alliance claimed that His Excellency President E.D Mnangagwa and First Secretary of Zanu-PF had made attempts to pay millions of dollars to MDC Alliance officials in an effort to destroy the party. Surely one wonders what weed Charlton Hwende smokes. For some time he has been quiet on the political scene but resurrected when President Mnangagwa had given out cars to Political Actors Dialogue leaders to use on development work,” said Cde Khaya-Moyo.

He said it was not President Mnangagwa’s problem that the MDC-Alliance had refused to join Polad.

Cde Khaya-Moyo said the cars were publicly provided to Polad leaders so that they contribute to nation building.

He said while Mr Hwende and his counterparts are fixated with criticising Government, the ruling party is focused on crafting economic policies to transform the economy.

“President Mnangagwa is a principled revolutionary leader whose focus is on unity, peace and development and would not stoop so low as to bribe leaders of opposition parties running short of oxygen. Zanu-PF is not a charity organisation to rescue parties like the MDC-A whose future is doomed. Zanu-PF is a very well-oiled machine with sound principles and organs. The country’s economy is on the rebound and people are assured of food security,” he said.

“The MDC-A has nothing to offer to the people of Zimbabwe. As we battle to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic through mass vaccination and resuscitating the economy, let day dreamers like Charlton Hwende and the MDC-A continue in deep slumber. They are used to receiving from donors as we know, Zanu-PF has no such.” Chronicle


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