Friday, 9 July 2021


A 13-YEAR-OLD teenager from Umguza District allegedly fatally stabbed her friend before she tried to hang herself in a dispute over a boy.

Police have since arrested the girl who is helping them with investigations at ZRP Mbembesi. Ward Six councillor Alexander Mkandla confirmed the incident which occurred on Wednesday at around 12pm.

He said the teenager who is a Form Two pupil at a school in Umguza District reportedly stabbed the girl who was also a Form Two pupil at the same school after accusing her of dating her sister’s boyfriend.

Clr Mkandla said the teenager confronted the now deceased while she was at her home while her parents were away.

“We recorded a murder case within the ward where a 13-year-old girl stabbed her peer also aged 13.

“From the report I got this girl went to confront the other while she was at home and found her with her young siblings. This teenager accused the other of dating her sister’s boyfriend which resulted in an argument.

“She then stabbed her peer with a knife. The now deceased who was now bleeding profusely tried to flee but she fell upon reaching a neighbour’s homestead and died.

“After realising what she had done the teenager took a wire intending to hang herself but people managed to restrain her and took the wire,” he said.

Clr Mkandla described the incident as a shocking tragedy which had left the community disturbed. He said such violent behaviour was not expected from children of such an age, especially girls.

“It’s frightening and also disturbing to see children of this age engaging in such extremely violent behaviour.

“When we see people of this age we see children who are not capable of doing such things. To make matters worse these are school children. This incident has really left the community disturbed.

“We have been always blaming gold panners for corrupting our children and leading them astray but it seems our children are in the forefront,” said Clr Mkandla.

Police national spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said the incident was both shocking and sad.

“It’s a really disturbing incident indeed. We call upon churches, elders and society to restrain the children, to counsel them so that they grow up as responsible citizens who shun crime; who do not engage in acts of violence,” said Asst Comm Nyathi. Chronicle


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