Friday, 9 July 2021


ZANU PF United States of America district Secretary for Administration Cde Simba Mujuru said there is a need for diasporans to register to vote in their respective constituencies in Zimbabwe dismissing some critics who are saying the Government has failed to implement the diaspora vote.

Any Zimbabwean living abroad is required to physically present him or herself at their registered polling station to cast their vote.

In an interview, Cde Mujuru said there is a need for the removal of sanctions which he said make the playing field uneven, favouring the opposition should diaspora vote be allowed.

Besides, he said it is costly for operationalising the diaspora vote since they are widely scattered across the world.

“Who will be footing the bill for all the resources and logistics. It could exhaust budgets. It is not possible for diasporas to vote in USA. The USA is just as big as Africa. If we are going to say let’s have a vote in America for Zimbabweans in the diaspora you might have to make it possible to have a constituency or a ballot box in every area where everyone can access the ballot box easily,” said Cde Mujuru. Herald


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