Thursday, 29 July 2021


Ngomahuru, one of the largest Psychiatric hospitals in the country is running without masks for its staff and nurses because the allocation from Government always run out.

There is fear of contraction of Covid19 after one of the patients tested positive recently.

The Mirror is told that sometimes staff are using their meagre resources to buy masks for themselves. They also resort reuse non-recyclable masks, said a source.

Ngomahru Medical Superintendent, Parerenyatwa Maramba confirmed the situation and told The Mirror that the hospital’s allocation is not enough.

“We get masks from the medical provincial offices; our last consignment was two weeks ago and we are running out. We usually end up buying for ourselves but this time we don’t have money to do that,” said Dr Maramba.

“One of our patients tested positive last week and we are scared because we work with so many patients yet we are not fully protected,” said a nurse who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Provincial Medical Director Amadeaus Shamhu said that consignments for personal protective equipment are allocated from the Head Office to the provinces and they distribute them to institutions.

“We have not received complaints about this yet, but the protective equipment come as consignments from the head office and we distribute them to the institutions. We are waiting for the next consignment,” said Dr Shamhu.

Ngomahuru is a psychiatric hospital in Masvingo with a carrying capacity of more than 200 patients. Masvingo Mirror



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