Friday, 9 July 2021


NORTON based mbira artiste and manufacturer, Florence “The Lioness” Nyamazana, was last night experiencing severe breathing problems at home along with her three children after contracting the new Covid-19 variant.

The 38-year-old, who was diagnosed with the more lethal Delta variant on July 5, said she was struggling to raise funds for medication and had resorted to traditional remedies like steaming.

However, she said her major fear was the worsening condition of her three infected children who are also in pain and stranded along with her at home.

Although she told H-Metro Lifestyle & Entertainment that local Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa was reportedly running around to save them, she said their situation was severe.

The mother of seven, who currently stays with five children in Maridale suburb, said her eldest child was the one nursing her at home.

“I’m really struggling at home after contracting the Covid-19 after the PCR tests showed that I and three children had contacted the Delta variant.

“I’m really scared because I have nothing in my coffers to buy the medication plus the doctor who came to see us at home advised us to avoid any movement since we are infected.

“As we speak right now over the phone, ndiri kutozarirwa and I wish I could get help as soon as possible because the pain is severe.

“To be honest, we don’t know how it will end and I don’t have any people who can assist me as we speak since our situation is complicated,” said the widely travelled artiste and spiritualist.

The Lioness, who is backed by Ninga DzeNharira under led by former Mbira DzeNharira co-founder Micah Munemo, has appealed to well-wishers for help.

“We have decided to ask for help from medical experts since we are stranded and stuck at home with kids. We are just hoping that the Lord will look us but I’m really in pain,” she said.

The mother of seven who separated with her husband said her former lover was also struggling to make ends meet.

“I have contacted my baby daddy who stays in Warren Park but there is nothing that he has done to save us.

“I have come open to the media as the last resort and I hope you will help us reach out to well-wishers,” she added.

The energetic performer said her family members were also struggling during the lockdown since most of them looked up to her.

The Lioness like most of her peers, has been heavily affected by the Covid-19 induced lockdown which does not allow for public gatherings and live performances.

Her only hope as of last night were prospective well-wishers and Good Samaritans since she was stranded at home. NB: Those willing to help can contact the Lioness on the following details:

Florence Nyamazana

Cabs Norton:5888 9230 0405 0414

Florence Nyamazana

Empower Bank:5614 6100 0011 7922

EcoCash 0772794698

Contact details: 0732794698/0713947111/0780670374 H Metro


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