Wednesday, 7 July 2021


The Harare woman who made headlines accusing her boyfriend of raping her and setting his dogs to lick her vagina has withdrawn charges indicating that she lied and her allegations were baseless.

The woman, Melody Chitambo, withdrew charges against her now ex-boyfriend Urs Joseph Ettilin after she failed to provide the proof that was required by the State for trial to commence.

Ettilin had been removed from remand earlier this year to allow the State to gather evidence with assistance from Chitambo who had earlier claimed that that she had alleged photos and videos of the dogs licking her which the State would use to prove their case against Ettilin.

The docket was returned to prosecution without the required evidence and there was nothing to place before the court and Chitambo then produced the affidavit of withdrawal stating that she no longer wanted to proceed because she had lied and no longer wished to proceed as she knew that the allegations were baseless.

Chitambo had claimed that she left home and went for a night out party and returned the next morning around 8am and it didn’t go well with Ettilin leading to an argument and while in the bedroom, he then forced her to have unprotected sex with him without her consent and later forced her to be aroused by his dogs whilst she was naked on the bed.

She further claimed that she told her boyfriend that she was unhappy with what he was doing to her and he threatened to throw her out of the house empty handed and that he also took some nude pictures of her on several occasions till last month when he let his dogs lick her private parts and threatened her that failure to comply he would post the pictures on social media.

It was further stated in the State papers that he told her that he was going to hire people to force her to vacate his house and promised to take another lady who would comply with his orders and sometimes would be violent whenever she refused to comply with his orders.

She alleged Ettilin later offered her US$60000 as a condition for her to leave his house because he had found another woman and devastated by the action, she lodged a complaint at Highlands Police Station.

All these allegations proved to be false and baseless. H Metro


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