Wednesday, 14 July 2021


Wiriranai Paradza the proprietor of Astelotrans Transport has made a report at Chivhu accusing Mvuma Police of looting 15 tonnes of crates of Castle Lite from his truck going to Zambia from South Africa.

He says Police looted the truck after the driver, Webster Nhau turned off the highway to drop some smuggled goods at Mavise Business Centre 10km from Mvuma towards Harare.

The vehicle’s load shifted along the dust road and Police details found Nhau desperately trying to repack the beer. He allegedly bribed the cops with some beer in a bid to conceal the case of the smuggled goods. Police made three loads of beer with their truck, The Mirror was told.

Paradza said that Police loaded the beer into their vehicle and took it away. Villagers who noticed Police looting the beer joined in immediately after the Police left and cleared half of the 34 tonnes that the truck carried, said Paradza.

Villagers used wheelbarrows, scotch carts and cars to loot the beer.

Apart from the Police and villagers, well known business people and political leaders are also said to have looted the beer

Midlands Province Police Spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the incident but dismissed allegations that Police was involved in looting.

“The case was handled above board by Police. A Police car was only used to transport beer to the Station for booking. Hand over, take over was done on book,” said Mahoko

However, Paradza insisted that Police was the first to loot from his car and then villagers followed. He said efforts to recover his beer was thwarted by Police officers who allegedly tipped villagers to hide their loot.

Paradza reported the case to Chivhu but got frustrated when Chivhu Police told him to report the matter to Mvuma since the area is under Chivhu.

“Mvuma Police looted beer from my truck. l even made a report at Chivhu Police but l heard that the law says l should report to Mvuma because the incident happened in Mvuma area.

“That is when l gave up because I was going to report to the same people who looted my truck.

“When we tried to recover some of the loot from individuals we failed because Police was alerting the looters to hide the beer,” said Paradza. Masvingo Mirror


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