Thursday, 24 June 2021


Police in Chipinge are investigating the case of a young woman in Medium Density who is keeping a decomposed body of an infant in her house.

The case came to the surface when neighbours complained of a heavy stench coming from the house. They reported the matter to Police and detectives were shocked to find the body of a baby (3 weeks old) rotting in a blanket on the floor.

Police has since taken away the body for postmortem and Chipinge Times is told that the suspected mother of the dead child and her mother are not answering questions from the Police.

District Community Relations Liason Officer Assistant Inspector Jawett Kamera confirmed the matter but said details were still sketchy. The mother of the child has only been identified as Barbra.

It is not clear when the baby was born and how it died.

Some people who spoke to Chipinge Times on condition of anonymity suspected that the two women who have been keeping the body are mentally unstable.

“We were attracted by a heavy smell. We called a Police officer who was just passing by and he attended the scene. Later on CID detectives came to the house to question the two but to no avail. The detectives were shocked when they saw the body lying on the floor, covered in a blanket.

The detectives were allegedly told that the baby was asleep. “The two are not saying anything. During questioning, they just remained silent. It is still an ongoing case. Nno one really knows what transpired because the family lives an isolated in their small cabin, ” said one  source.

“This is not happening for the first time. There was an incident again at the same house. A young boy who is a brother to Barbra died. For days, the mother would carry him in and outside the house. It was reported and the body was then buried. It is a strange family, ” said one source.


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