Wednesday, 23 June 2021


A number of private colleges have been conducting vacation lessons against the Covid-19 National Lockdown measures set by the government.

The students have been attending lessons without school uniforms as disguise so that the schools’ conduct is not detected by security officials and other governing bodies.

At Falcon College, yesterday, they were conducting lessons from form one to form six.  

The college clerk Chinembiri confirmed to H-Metro that they were conducting lessons with both their registered students and also external students from different schools.

“We decided that students should wear their casual clothes and not uniforms so that the externals can also fit in until schools are formally opened,” said the clerk.

These colleges are not following the Covid-19 regulations and when H-Metro visited the premises no temperature check was being conducted and neither were they sanitising.

“This shows how they are not following the authorities and taking this deadly pandemic lightly,” said a passerby.

They were conducting their lessons with the school gate closed. H Metro


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