Sunday, 13 June 2021


 THE Government has said that mining does not supersede farming, as alleged by some sections of the society, hence miners must always seek consent from farmers that own the land they intend to mine on.

This was said by Minister of State in the Office of the President and Cabinet in Charge of Monitoring Implementation of Special Agricultural and Related Programmes Hon Davies Marapira in Gweru last week while launching the garlic, ginger, and turmeric export promotion programme.

“There have been reports circulating that mining supersedes farming and all farming activities must stop when miners intend to mine from a farm.

“That is not true and farmers must never listen to such reports. A miner must always seek consent from the farmer who owns the land.

“What some miners have been doing is completely illegal and we call upon the mining ministry to make sure that such anomalies are corrected and those who do so are taken to task,” he said.

Minister Murapira also bemoaned the rise of illegal mining in the province which has resulted in destruction of crucial resources like roads, buildings, rivers and dams.

“My ministry is also worried about the influx of small-scale mining activities in the Midlands province. This has seen miners conducting their activities in inappropriate places like mining close to the roads there by putting lives of motorists and passengers at risk. Some are also mining near graves which is very worrying while some are mining near riverbeds yet riverbed mining was banned.

“As citizens, let’s unite in keeping our environment habitable and let’s preserve it for the future generation. Those who mine along the highway should stop and may all responsible authorities make sure that all disused mines are reclaimed as many of them are posing danger to humans and livestock. Let’s practice responsible mining,” he said.


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