Tuesday, 18 May 2021


KWEKWE Mayoress Councillor Angeline Kasipo has urged residents not to panic following social media reports that a corona virus case with similar features to the strain prevalent in India had been detected in the mining town.

Her sentiments follow reports on some social media platforms claiming that popular businessman and music promoter, Robson Kadenhe had returned from India days before his death.

Cllr Kasipo said the local authority through the health department carried out all necessary investigations including contact tracing. The late Kadenhe succumbed to Covid-19 on May 12.

Apparently his niece had returned from India sparking speculation that the family had contracted the Indian variant.

“Our health department went on the ground after the death of Mr Kadenhe and the only thing we can confirm is that he died from Covid-19. His niece who recently returned from India tested negative while some other family members tested positive. We are therefore not sure of the source of the virus that claimed Mr Kadenhe’s life,” she said.

Cllr Kasipo said the report that was leaked on social media had caused alarm and despondency.

“I am not sure how the report that was prepared by our health department and was directed to the Provincial Medical Director found its way onto social media platforms. We have since apologised to the family and other stakeholders that might have been inconvenienced, this was not supposed to have happened,” she said.

Clr Kasipo said all necessary steps were taken in tracing contacts and tests have been sent to Harare where results will help map a way forward. She also confirmed that there were three confirmed cases at Goldridge Primary School and the cases were handled well.

“We went to the school and screened all the pupils and they tested negative except for the three who are on isolation and are conducting their lessons online,” said clr Kasipo. She said there were eleven active cases in the mining town.

“We have been recording zero cases for the past two months but now we have 11 active cases and I want to urge the people to continue taking precautionary measures like masking up, sanitizing and getting vaccinated. All our council clinics are offering vaccination services free of charge, so I urge people to get vaccinated,” she said. Kwekwe has a total of 246 cumulative cases. Chronicle


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