Monday, 3 May 2021


MARIST BROS SHUNGU SECONDARY SCHOOL headmaster is under fire over leaving children to endure part of the night outside hostels due to non-payment and part payment of school fees.

The headmaster, identified as Mushati, reportedly made eight pupils sleep outside until the boarding master, George Matanga, opted to also sleep outside guarding the pupils.

H-Metro spoke to some of the parents who indicated that it was cruel of the headmaster to make pupils sleep outside in the cold.

Pupils said they were only let in when the boarding master intervened at around 11pm. “It is really disturbing that a headmaster punishes children for late payment of fees or part payment.

“I am very cross with what the headmaster did and I am pursuing all legal ways to ensure justice is met on this headmaster. Why didn’t he phone to tell us to come back and pick our kids rather than making them sleep in the cold.

“What crime did the kids commit? Their crime is their parents have not paid full fees. This is bad,” fumed a parent in an interview with H-Metro.

The parent, whose identity has been concealed, said at around 8pm the pupils had to use their luggage to ‘create walls’ as shelter for the night.

The pupils said they were let in after being awakened during the night. “We were told that we were not checking into the hostels until fees was paid in full.

“We had to sleep outside until the boarding master intervened,” said one of the pupils. The boarding master Matanga could not shed light on the issue, referring all queries to the headmaster.

Headmaster Mushati referred H Metro to the Education Ministry. “I have no answer there. Talk to the education secretary,” he said.

The priest, identified as Chirikadzi, said he was not aware of any students who slept outside and had to be let in later.

Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education spokesperson Taungana Ndoro deplored what the headmaster did saying he would confirm with the Provincial Education Director on what really transpired.

“If that is the case what the headmaster did was illegal. “He should have let the students in and then engaged their parents. “It is not the students who pay fees, but the parents. So why punish the student?” Ndoro questioned. H Metro



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