Thursday, 8 April 2021


A bar owner’s wife was reported to have pushed off a female worker from a moving vehicle along High Glen Road in Highfield on Tuesday.

Stoneridge Green Bar attendant Mercy Mushoshoma sustained injuries on her left shoulder and foot when she fell off  Vanessa Mujuru’s moving vehicle in a scuffle over handing over insufficient funds from the day’s sales.

Imbibers yesterday demonstrated against Vanessa by stoning the bar and getting her arrested at Machipisa police station.

Provincial police spokesperson Inspector Simon Chazovachii confirmed the story saying investigations have since begun.

“Police are investigating a case involving a woman alleged to have pushed off her worker from a moving vehicle,” said Chazovachii.

“The worker is reported to have surrendered cash with a shortfall. “An argument ensued as the woman refused to allow the worker to go with her handbag.

“Investigations with a view to find what actually happened are underway and further details will be released in due course,” said Insp Chazovachii.

Bar owner Leo Mujuru told H-Metro that Mercy had a shortfall of US$400 and Vanessa wanted to settle the dispute at Machipisa Police Station.

“It is unfortunate that some hooligans have destroyed my bar accusing my wife of injuring Mercy,” said Mujuru.

“Mercy had a huge shortfall and upon being interrogated she refused to go to police to settle the matter. “Unongozivawo zvinoita vasikana vatinenge tatora kumamisha ava. Mari yaakashotesa yacho yakawandisa zvekuti pay yake haisvike ikoko saka bag raairamba naro maybe ndiro rakanga riinemari yaakashotesa yacho.

“She left her handbag in my wife’s vehicle and upon leaving the car she returned and hung on to the window of the moving vehicle leading to her injury.

“My wife is now in the hands of police and I want to make sure all the hooligans who stoned my bar are brought to book,” said Mujuru.

Mercy described Vanessa as cruel and heartless saying she pushed her off the car in anger. “I got injured when Vanessa pushed me from the vehicle accusing me of stealing money,” said Mercy.

“She did it in anger and never showed remorse and now she is denying it. That is being cruel and heartless considering how I have been discharging my duties faithfully. “She never apologised and is hurting me further by denying her wrong doing,” said Mercy.

The incident took place in the evening near Mapuranga along High Glen Road. H Metro


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