Monday, 12 April 2021


A row over married woman landed a Chitungwiza man in deep trouble on Sunday after two men clashed.

Emilia Katonha, a vendor at Chikwanha Shopping center was yesterday left exposed of her shenanigans after her boyfriend, Tonderayi Munodawafa, caught her with another man.

Katonha and Munodawafa are both married and claim their affair gave birth to a four-year-old child.

According to Munodawafa, he was about to take Katonha as his second wife.

“I caught her with another man who she said was her uncle but surprisingly she didn’t know his last name neither did he know hers.

“I confronted the two when the man in question started calling her and she couldn’t pick his calls in my presence. I forged a plan and followed her to a nearby road where she was picked up.

“After catching them i reported the matter to police who referred us to the Civil Court,” said Munodawafa. Katonha later pressed charges against Munodawafa claiming he had stolen her documents.

“He is not my husband and he is always jealous of me whenever he sees me with another man.

“I have been seeing him for the past 6 years now and he introduced me to his wife and we are in good books. He is just insecure and pretends like he knows all my relatives, he is not entitled to anything that’s mine.

“After our misunderstanding he took away papers for my residential stand claiming the property was his when I used my own money to buy it,” said Katonha.

She said she only got involved with Munodawafa as revenge to her husband’s cheating. “My husband is stationed in Gweru, he is fully aware of my relationship with Munodawafa and they are on talking terms.

“I have three children with my hubby and I only started seeing my boyfriend after catching him in bed with several other women.  

“I tried breaking up with Munodawafa on a couple of times but we end up being together again,” she said.

Munodawafa’s wife who spoke on anonymity said she was aware of the two’s relationship and was surprised why they had taken their matter to the police.

“This woman was introduced to me by my husband and I accepted her as his soon to be second wife.

“However, I am surprised why they have decided to take their fight to the public, I live in Seke rural and had to rush here to try and mend them.

“I wasn’t aware that she was married and had other children and the man she was caught with is not even her close relatives, which means she was seeing another man behind our husband,” she said.

Efforts to get comment from the man caught with Katonha were fruitless after his mobile phone went unanswered and eventually turned off. H Metro



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