Friday, 23 April 2021


LUCK finally ran out for a notorious Rusape housebreaker who had formed a syndicate with his two wives to break into several houses to steal electrical gadgets, food and other valuables worth over $500 000.

Bright Makwindi (33) of Vengere was nabbed together with his wives — Memory Mandindo (29) and Luisa Chikono (29) — leading to the recovery of property worth $502 517. Some of the goods were in their possession, while some were recovered from buyers.

The suspects remain in custody as police have secured warrants of further detention to allow them to visit Nyanga, Mutare and Chipinge where some of the stolen property is reported to be.

Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Luxson Chananda, said by Wednesday, the suspects had managed to clear 11 cases of unlawful entry. Insp Chananda said the trio would break into unattended homes during the day.

“During the period extending from March 2021 to date, there was an increase in unlawful entry cases in Rusape and detectives launched patrols in residential areas.

“On April 15, detectives who were on surveillance in Mabvazuwa saw Makwindi enquiring from a child about the whereabouts of the occupants of a certain house. Detectives confronted him and searched his satchel. They recovered housebreaking equipment.

“They escorted him to his place of residence, but he managed to escape along the way since he was not handcuffed. He hid in a sewage drain, but was later arrested at Mandindo’s house.

“Searches led to the recovery of several items which Mandindo failed to account for,” said Insp Chananda. He said when Makwindi and Mandindo were taken for interrogation, they implicated Chikono.

They also divulged their modus operandi. Makwindi would always send his wives to the targeted houses on the pretext of looking for water. If no one was present,they would call their husband to come and break into the house.

“The wives served as an advance team to Makwindi. They would pick their targeted house and knock on the door. If people were around, they would ask for water and leave. If there was no one, they would call Makwindi to come and break into the house.

“The suspects led detectives to several houses in Chipinge, Mutare and Nyanga where they had sold some of the property. Recoveries are still being made and the suspects are still in custody assisting police with investigations. As of now, goods worth $267 533 have been recovered,” said Insp Chananda. Manica Post


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