Friday, 29 January 2021


A 60-year-old widow is appealing for any form of assistance after her house was recently gutted by fire which destroyed all her meagre assets, TellZim News can report.

Margaret Kamwemvura, of village 10 Liburgia under Chief Neshuro, lost her belongings on January 25 after a cellphone which was on charge exploded and sparked an inferno which consumed the house.

A teary Kamwemvura told TellZim that the devastating accident occurred when she had left the homestead to work on the fields.

"One of my sons left his phone charging with a universal charger so it seems the battery exploded and caused the fire. We had left home for the fields when the accident occurred and we were only alerted about the fire after we had seen thick smoke blowing from the direction of our homestead.

“We then got home to find that everything had been destroyed and nothing was recovered including my cellphone which I had left inside the house,” said Kamwemvura.

The elderly woman and her family had to spend the night at a relative’s place and she has begun appealing for assistance from government and well-wishers.

"All our entire belongings were destroyed as this was our only house that sheltered everything for us. We are only left with the clothes on our bodies and nothing else," added Kamwemvura.

Kamwemvura lives with her two unemployed sons and she can be contacted on her grandchild Prince Hove’s mobile number 0777111013. TellZim News


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