Friday, 4 December 2020


A SUSPECTED Borrowdale drug peddler, who was allegedly found in possession of 11 sachets of cocaine in his car and more stashed in a locker in a bedroom, yesterday told the court that the cocaine was owned by his son, who had once been arrested for possession in Msasa Park.

Tafungiswa Kennedy Jasi, represented by Mr Advent Tavenhave, lives in Borrowdale and allegedly sold cocaine at Sam Levy’s Village in the same suburb.

He told Harare magistrate Mrs Sandra Mupindu when brought for remand on charges of dealing in dangerous drugs that the car and bedroom where the drugs were found in the search were used by his son, Fungai Michael Jasi

“They conducted searches and could not find anything in my bedroom. They proceeded to the third bedroom, which was locked and demanded keys to unlock the bedroom used by my son and his wife,” he said.

“My son and wife were absent. I gave keys to Detective Taonezvi, who was conducting the searches, and he opened some cupboards and that is when he found some cocaine from that cupboard and they advised me I was arrested for possession of drugs.

“I advised detectives that I had no knowledge of the drugs. I even notified them that I had no access because a married couple uses that bedroom. I told them the vehicle that they searched did not belong to me.

“The car and bedroom was used by my son Fungai. My son Fungai Michael Jasi was arrested in Msasa Park with cocaine in his pockets and was driving the same Ford Ranger.”

Prosecuting, Mr Panganayi Chiutsi, alleged that on April 30 this year, detectives from CID Drugs and Narcotics were told that Jasi was using a Ford Ranger in his cocaine dealings at Sam Levy Village in Harare.

They then put him under surveillance and later spotted him exchanging something with another person, which raised their suspicion.

The detectives tracked him to his Borrowdale house where they asked to search his car. The court heard that Detective Constable Taonezvi, conducted a search in his car and found 11 sachets of cocaine. The sachets were seized, along with plastic bags and envelopes that were in the car.

It is said the detectives proceeded to Jasi’s bedroom where they found more sachets and bowls with cutting agents, among other utensils. A digital scale was also allegedly recovered from his bedroom.

The cocaine was taken for forensics and it weighed 22,41 grammes. Herald


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