Monday, 9 November 2020


 FORMER Women Affairs minister Nyasha Chikwinya has been taken to court in a land dispute relating to residential stands in Glen Forest, Harare.

Mama Mafuyana Housing Cooperative (MMHC) cited Nyasha Chikwinya, Susan Sibanda, Jacob Madhanganyi, Honest Nyamaka and Munyaradzi Zimunya as respondents.

They want Chikwinya and the others stopped from developing and selling the land until the ownership dispute is settled by the High Court.

The court heard that there is a long standing dispute between MMHC and Chikwinya over the piece of land called the remainder of Glen Forest, Borrowdale Estate, Goromonzi District, which is subject to litigation.

Chikwinya and her colleagues had started developing the land, building roads, pegging new stands and putting up structures.

“The first respondent, despite full knowledge of this property being subject of litigation, has hired the services of the second to fifth respondents to develop the land in dispute by grading the roads, trenching, pegging new stands and putting up structures which do not conform with the survey diagram,” reads the application.

“This action by the respondents flies directly in the face of a pending matter relating to the ownership of this piece of land.”

MMHC said it stood to suffer more if Chikwinya and her team are left to continue with the land development

“The applicant has a well-grounded basis for believing that it will suffer irreparable harm if the interdict is not granted in that if left to develop and sell the stands, it will be difficult if not impossible to recover this land in question from the people who would have innocently purchased them.

“The court has to weigh the potential prejudice to the applicant if the interdict is refused against the potential prejudice to the respondents if the interdict is granted. “If the prejudice to the applicant is greater, the balance favours the applicant.” Daily News


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