Monday, 5 October 2020



SOCIALITE and musician Mai Titi on Friday pleaded with the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Service to accord her time to experience life in a prison cell.

Mai Titi said this after hearing challenges being faced by expecting and nursing mothers serving their sentences at Chikurubi Female Prison where she donated sanitary ware, face towels, toilet paper, bathing and washing soaps.

Mai Titi, real name Felistas Murata, said she learnt from some of the inmates that most of their offences were crimes of passion.

“Ignorance is not a defence when one commits an offense and today I realised that some of you were overcame by anger,” said Mai Titi.

“I could have been behind bars had it not been the power of self-control and love that held me from fighting the father of my children.

“Although I still enjoy the freedom from committing crimes I want ZPCS authorities give an opportunity to experience prison life just for three days vozondiendesa kumba zvavo.

“Ndirikuda kumborara mu cell nekuti matambudziko andaudzwa nemadzimai arimuhusungwa pamwechete nevana vavo vasina kupara mhosva andibaya pamwoyo wangu.

“How can innocent children undergo hard times along with wrong doers who committed crimes in anger and these are crimes of passion?

“Incarcerated women are our relatives they deserve to be treated like humans and I want to thank ZPCS for giving artistes time to interact and entertain inmates.

“After giving my ear to some of the inmates I came to realize the aspect of rehabilitation of offenders and the need to correct convicted people.

“We are not here to celebrate with offenders or supporting crime but to give them hope and fulfil God’s plan on evil doers and commanded us to visit those in captives.

“Vakasungwa nengetani pamwechete nemweya yakavaparisa mhosva vanoda kusunungurwa panyama nepamweya uyo kuratidzwa rudo nesu nekuti tose tirivatadzi,” said Mai Titi.

She described abusive husbands as Chikurubi saying most women are being mistreated silently in their homes like in hell.

Mai Titi described prisons as schools where failures are given opportunity to correct their mistakes and never repeat them upon release. H Metro




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