Friday, 28 August 2020


Today, I toured the farm of Kunatsa Estates with with the VP CDGN Chiwenga two days after my launch of the US$ 8,2 Billion Agriculture and Food Systems Transformation Strategy.

I was invited by Mr Douglas  Munetsi who is also the CEO  of ZIDA .He visited my farm and challenged me that he can do better than me so today I toured his farm  to see how good he is in Agriculture.

VP Chiwenga recommended  to me that I should visit this Estate after he had visited the farm earlier and was impressed with what he saw in terms of production coming out of this estate.

I toured Kunatsa Estate and bore witness to the Winter Wheat Programme Targets, witnessed the evidence of hard work where 350 and 150 hectares of land are under wheat and barley respectively.

The business plan at the Estate, as seen by the mixed farming model which includes cropping, dairy, beef and honey production goes a long way in creating employment as well as empowerment opportunities for locals.

My Government will continue to support farmers towards the sustainable transformation of our agricultural sector.I encourage all our farmers to utilise all the land available and recommend use of all water bodies lying idle.


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