Sunday, 16 August 2020


A48-year-old employee of platinum mining giant Unki Mines is demanding justice after he was brutalised by police in April this year while queuing at a bank in Gweru.

Amos Siska, a rock support assistant at the Anglo American-owned company, has not been to work for the past four months due to a broken forearm.

“About 20 police officers enforcing the Covid-19 lockdown regulations descended on us at Stanbic bank on April 28 as we waited to withdraw cash,” Siska told Sunday Southern Eye.

“They then started beating up people and when I tried to flee, I unfortunately fell down and the riot police assaulted me with baton sticks while I lay on the ground.

“I suffered a broken forearm during the incident. I have been to several hospitals trying to get medical attention but it’s been difficult.

“I now risk being laid off at work due to my condition and the future of my family is at stake right now.”

Siska reported the case at Gweru Central Police Station under case number CR 53/5/20, but he believes the cops are not keen to bring his tormentors to book.

“The police keep saying they are investigating the case up to now and no one has been arrested,” he said.

“They told me that Stanbic bank failed to give them CCTV footage to help identify the cops, who injured me but its unconvincing because they know the officers, who were on patrol on the day.”

Documents seen by this publication indicate that Siska has spent about US$3 000 on medical bills.

He forked out US$1 730 to pay a Gweru specialist doctor, who carried out an operation on the hand on July 2.

This was after he paid US$447 as anaesthetist fees and US$149 in surgical assistant’s fee. 
He also paid more for flourospot compact ex-rays and earlier medical bills.

“The forearm failed to heal after I was put on a plaster so I had to go for an operation last month at my personal cost,” Siska said.

“The wound is still fresh and I am in pain. I require justice as my assailants are being protected by their colleagues.”

Midlands police spokesperson Inspector Joel Goko said he was not aware of the case and promised to make a follow-up.

“If the case was reported it means there is a record on it. I will follow up to find out the status of the case,” Goko said.

“But I can reveal to you that a case can never be covered up because for example I do not know the guy personally so I would not kill the case.” Standard


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