Friday, 3 July 2020


The body of a Sabot Carriers Private Limited driver who reportedly died and was secretly buried in the Democratic Republic of Congo after succumbing to an unknown ailment will now be repatriated, according to close sources.

Dryton Mpofu, died whilst on duty in May before he suddenly fell sick and died. It is claimed he was buried a few hours after his death.

Many versions have been debated on how Dryton was buried quickly without properly communicating his death to his relatives.

It was also reported that Dryton had died of Malaria while others said it was Covid-19 hence the quick burial.

His wife and relatives were still looking for answers as to what really transpired. H-Metro contacted the company for comment through an HR personnel George Gwezere who asked for questions via email.

However, H-Metro is reliably informed that the company has now engaged the family following pressure from different angles drivers associations.

Gwezere said that the issue was taken to the directors who have not responded as yet.
“We forwarded your email to our public relations department and they will get in touch with you,” he said.

A close source on the goings said: “Family have been contacted and it’s now left for them for to go and be representatives at Sabot. There is a letter confirming that DRC Government, agreed for the retrieving and repatriation of the body.

“They gave a go ahead for the retrieving of the body and here in Zimbabwe, things are moving well, so the decision is now for the relatives to go to Sabot.

“Some people will come from the family and will be supported by Sabot. And they go to Congo where the deceased was buried.”

Added the source: “DNA test will also be conducted to confirm if indeed it’s the right body and it’s up to the family do all the procedures. Sabot is responsible for everything including the tests and everything.

“The company will also help in retrieving and bring the body back home. So the family is required to confirm where the body will be brought,” added the source.
According to the sources, there is a letter of confirmation.

“The letter is coming from minister of Home Affairs authorising the family to do whatever, necessary to bring the body back home.
“The drivers have been working tirelessly to make sure the issue was brought to book and the family find it necessary to decently bury their relative.

“There is no problem with the Congo Government who have since agreed for retrieval of the body and they confirmed that the deceased did not die of Covid-19.

“They have agreed that he be buried in his home country without problems and things look like they are moving well,” said another source.

Another source said: “Following the story in H-Metro, the company felt it necessary to engage the family who were not properly advised on what had happened to the deceased.
“The issue brought debate on how the deceased passed away.

“The pressure was also mounted by the drivers association and unions who have been restlessly pushing for thorough investigations into the matter on how he died.” H Metro


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