Thursday, 2 July 2020


A FORM Two girl from Mzilikazi suburb in Bulawayo was busted by her mother in an early morning car sex romp with their 27-year-old neighbour who had allegedly lured her into his vehicle under the pretext that it was cold.

The 14-year-old girl testified against the alleged paedophile Kimpton Pedzisai who allegedly did more than assisting to keep her warm when he allegedly sampled her in his car.

Pedzisai, who is now facing a charge of having sexual intercourse with a minor is, however, denying the offence saying when they had sex the girl lied that she was 16, which is the age of consent in Zimbabwe.

Circumstances are that on 15 June at around 4am, the girl’s mother woke her up before she asked her to connect the hosepipe to the washing machine. When the girl went outside, she was reportedly seen by the accused who called her to his car saying it was cold. 

While inside the car, it is reported that Pedzisai solicited for sex from the girl and she agreed. The two lovebirds reportedly went on to enjoy each other without protection.

They were, however, busted by the girl’s mother who alerted the father who went and reported the matter to the police leading to Pedzisai’s arrest.

Narrating the sexual encounter, which was being heard before Bulawayo magistrate Nomagugu Maphosa, the unapologetic minor said: “On the day in question, I woke up at around 4am and was asked to switch on the washing machine.

“Since the hosepipe was not connected, I went outside the house where the accused saw me and asked what I was doing outside the house since it was cold. I told him I wanted to wash clothes and he said he also wanted to give me his. 

“He then asked me to come to his vehicle where my mother later found us having sex. She slapped him (accused) saying I was too young for him”.

She said the day they were busted it was her second time having sex with the accused adding that the car romp took less than three minutes.

During cross examination, the accused said he never proposed love to the victim, but later admitted that he was her boyfriend.

“You are my boyfriend. You said when you go to work you will be working for me,” said the minor.

She went on to reveal how they were caught in the act. “He took less than three minutes during which my mother started calling me before she came to the car and shouted at him,” the girl said.

Her mother also testified saying after reporting the matter to the police, she took the girl to hospital for medical examination.

The matter was postponed to 10 July for continuation of trial and Pedzisai was remanded in custody. B mETRO


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