Wednesday, 8 July 2020


A 59-year-old man’s body was found hanging in a deserted cottage next to his lover’s house in Chitungwiza yesterday.

Amon Kasekera, who was a builder by profession is suspect to have hanged himself using a wire in a cottage just opposite his girlfriend Veronica Chiza’s, 36, house in Unit O Chitungwiza.

When H-Metro visited the scene, the body of Kasekere was still hanging in the cottage. However, the incident shocked many residents who are suspecting foul play.
Some residents went to the extent of baying for Chiza’s blood arguing that she was privy to what had transpired.

“Atomboda kutiza mukadzi uyu. Anga achitizei? Ngaatiudze zvaaita sekuru ava. She knows the truth,” another resident fumed, while another one who said they had chased her said, “Tamubatira kubridge uko ava kuda kutotiza, now they have locked her inside. She must say the truth because someone out there is hoping that his or her relative is at work while he is here hanging.”

However, Chiza dismissed all the allegations of having a hand in the death.

“This man is my boyfriend but his house is in Zengeza. To my knowledge he was having some issues with his wife and at one point he told me that he was not in good books with his wife because he has another child out of wedlock. That is when I told him that he shouldn’t leave his house because of that,” she said.

Asked if she might have had any misunderstanding with the late Kasekera, she said: “Yesterday this man called me to come to his place saying he wanted to give me some money.

“To my surprise, when I got there he started to beat me using an iron rod. He was targeting my head. When he was beating me up, I screamed to the extent that people from around came to the house to see what was happening.

“After I managed to escape, I came here and told my friends who were here that I wanted to make a police report and they advised me against it. Vakatonditi pamwe imhepo dai ndasiyana nazvo,” she said.

Chiza said in the morning (Monday) she got the shock of her life after another co-tenant called her to say there was a person hanging in that cottage.

“Then this morning, my co-tenant woke me up around 6am saying there was someone hanging in the room, that’s when we woke up to notice it was this man.”

Chiza kept on referring to the late Kasekera as “murume uyu” (this man) through the interview despite having allegedly been in the adulterous affair for a year.
“To say I heard any suspicious sound last night I would be lying. After I came back from his house, I never left the house since then.

“From what I saw, this man (Kasekera) hanged himself, because I never heard any noise.
“Recently he came to my workplace where i sell offals at a local shopping centre and he started to attack me only because I had told him to go back to his wife.

“When he was attacking me with an iron bar, he said I should say the truth because he was suspecting that I was seeing another man. And I told him that it was only him.” H Metro


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