Tuesday, 28 July 2020


A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD Chitungwiza girl yesterday escaped harm after a motorist rammed into the house she was sleeping in, giving residents a scare.

The minor was reported to have been awakened from sleep after a motorist only identified as Magumbo veered off the road and rammed into the house along Chitungwiza Road opposite St Marys suburb.
Magumbo, who was behind his Mazda Verisa (registration AEQ 9371), disappeared from the scene presumably fearing the crowd that included vendors who rushed to the house in shock.

The house which is almost 20 metres away from the road cracked and residents had to safeguard the goods since the minor’s parents were reported to have left in the wee hours.

“The driver was coming from Machipisa along Chitungwiza Road when he suddenly veered off the road and upon trying to avoid head on with another vehicle he rammed into the house,” said the neighbour refusing to identify self.

“The child who was asleep cried on top of her voice and people turned all their attention to her allowing the driver to disappear.

“Parents of the child left the house early in the morning and their mobile phone is unreachable and the child is not aware of their where about.

“We will make sure the goods exposed by the cracking of the house are protected and we have taken the child to a safe place until her parents return,” said the neighbour. H Metro


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