Tuesday, 2 June 2020


Legislators are demanding improved pay and allowances saying their Zim dollar salaries have been eroded by inflation.

Speaking in the National Assembly, reportedly on behalf of the other legislators, Temba Mliswa complained that the money they are being given as salaries is too little and that there is no fuel to redeem the coupon they receive.

“As members of Parliament we cannot continue talking about these issues, the coupons we have been given yes but there is no fuel so why are we given those coupons.

“Our pay is not in foreign currency its about US$50 all these MPs getting US$50, what does that US$50 buy?

“You (temporary Speaker) actually go to sleep knowing that MPs are being given US$50, God is there and he is seeing and hearing this.

“Residential stands we haven’t received them others did not get them, some MPs have no cars but Minsters have two each already so how do we honestly expected to discharge our duty?

Members of Parliament are said to be getting anything between ZW$5000 and ZW$7000 per month as salary and ZW$700 as sitting allowances for each day sit on Parliament business.

They also get fuel coupons with quantity dependent on the location of one’s constituency. Mliswa also said that legislators demanded the setting up of constituency information centres but nothing has been done so far as government is always complaining that there is no money.

He said the government appears to have money to give to thieves but has no money to give to people who are trying to use it in bringing development.

“Money is going to people who are stealing it under COVID-19 but the money that should come to us for development is not there.

“Money for people engaging in corruption is there but money for development is not there so what are we passing in this house, should we be seen as a Parliament that only passes money which is stolen.

“We ask you as the leaders of Parliament that you intervene in this issue because tomorrow when we begin to speak about these things you will see us people with no respect,” he said. Openparlyzw


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