Tuesday, 2 June 2020


What are some  of the things that the MDC must do to regain its former glory?
Note, I only speak of "the MDC" in its broader, original spec!

1. Back-to-factory settings, yes 1999 settings had fine optics, with broad-based leadership - attracting and retaining diverse membership across the socio-economic classes.
We must be a welcoming party, not a closed shop.

After 20 years the faces must look and sound fresh and renewing.
Founders must be proud to be part of handing over and in moving into dignified retirement.
Before long we should know who among our office bearers and deployees are retiring.
Lives and lifestyles outside active politics should be normal and natural. Trust me, it is more peaceful, much freer!

Founder-member entitlement and 'careering' are unhealthy and limiting.
The brand of being a party for a particular grouping is not bankable for votes and even more importantly, for performance before and when in government.

2. The darling MDC must clearly demonstrate that it is the next Government NOT the next Zanu(PF)!
The MDC remains the best hope for the betrayed masses.
3. The dear party must sincerely visit all criticisms re-visit all aspects of its operations, processes, leadership, membership, deployments, victories and failures.

These must be faced with brutal honesty and commitment.
Internal reviews and internal remedies will serve us well. Internal diplomacy is a big weapon.
All this and more, AFTER THE FIGHTS, THE COURTS and all THE DRAMA!


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